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Ron Paul Rally Crowd Philladelphia 2007-11-10-A

Pan of the crowd at Ron Paul 2008 Republican Presidential Rally, Independence Hall Philadelphia Pa. November 10, 2007

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: MorpheusOne - - July 1, 2011
Subject: Apathetic much?!
Since the true definition of the word "nigger" is someone who is ignorant, stupid, etc., atypically with malicious intent, this means that "Ron Paul" is a nigger!!

This has NOTHING to do with´╗┐ his ethnicity, or any other such demographic!! This has to do with the content of his character, or lack thereof. He's a nigger bc he's a fucking white supremacist shill!

Period. Point. Blank.

I fail to see how he could be so ignorant of this reality; I wonder how does this make him feel?!

Does he enjoy being a nigger?

Ron Paul IS a RINO! But, he is NOT a liberal, or any other bullshit that idiots such as "Texe Marrs" like to circle-jerk it to. Ron Paul is a "Dixiecrat" bc he supports the policies of white supremacy. Which includes, but is not limited to, abolishing at least half of the federal gov't, returning unemployment to levels not seen since the Great Depression, abolishing most federal laws, including Civil Rights, and xenophobically turning the United States against the rest of the world, by throwing the United Nations out of the United States, by enforcing his non-interventionist policies of burying one's head in the sand and by abolishing federal aid to literally all foreign countries!

If they hold another rally for this white supremacist shill in Philly, where I live, I hope that I know about it before hand. I'll go and I will tell each and everyone of those white supremacist shill supporters where they can stick their support for Ron Paul!